Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And another….

Dear Little Green Eyes,

I still remember the first time I saw my little Nina Marie so tiny and small. I wasn’t expecting Christmas so early that year. How we rushed out to find bottles and blankets and other little girl things pretty and pink…things to fill our empty room. And as the days lengthened, I remember holding you long into the night.

Do you remember that “big beautiful white swan” that sweep through your window just as the sun was setting, just as my story was ending? And as your big green eyes were blinking, remember how that soft white bird carried you into “pink cotton candy clouds” that graced the evening. And do you remember that little duck you and your sister named “Peepers” that the snow white bird must have sent your way that day.

You haven’t forgotten that summer tea party in your little playhouse with your friends and favorite “maid”? Or the mountains of autumn leaves and the acorns that fall in the night? Or how I pulled you faster than the wind through the new fallen snow? Or when I taught you how to fly?

When you were small, remember how I threw you high into the air and never let you fall, but you are a woman now so wise and straight and tall. A woman who honors me by honoring Him in all she thinks and says and does.

I am happy, but yet so sad. The lord gives, but ever so slowly is taking away. My little “Sweet Sixteen” is going away today.


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